Siesta Key Sports & Physical Therapy Celebrates Ten Years in Sarasota

Dave and Kristy Ochsendorf opened the doors to their practice, Siesta Key Sports & Physical Therapy, ten years ago. Since then, they’ve grown their family with two daughters as well as their business, adding state of the art equipment, hiring teammates, and expanding into a larger footprint.

Like many small businesses, COVID-19 has made 2020 a challenging year for this family-owned business, but the Ochsendorfs are proud of how they’ve continued to safely serve their patients. “We space out patient visits, diligently clean between appointments, require masks, distance when possible, and see patients in their homes or via telehealth if they are more comfortable with that,” says Kristy.

Siesta Key Sports and Physical Therapy has a wide range of clientele who all receive 1:1 care with customized treatment plans. “We can help anyone who is experiencing a physical limitation that is preventing them from living the lifestyle they desire; everything from a minor discomfort to post-operative care,” says Dave. In addition to providing all the typical PT modalities, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and manual therapy, they also have a Class IV laser that uses photobiomodulation (deep tissue laser therapy) to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and accelerate healing at the cellular level. “We really look at the whole body.  Everyone’s posture, strength, flexibility, and functional movements are assessed to identify any imbalances. Whether it is a new problem or old problem, it is so important to get the source of the issue and determine the root cause,” says Dave.

Dave and Kristy are active in the community. They are members of the Manasota Track Club and Dave competes with Team New Balance. They work with New Balance and Fleet Feet to ensure patients are properly fit with appropriate footwear, and Dave offers free presentations at churches, condo associations and community centers on topics such as arthritis, posture, balance and fall prevention. “We provide free exercise classes for seniors during the summers; support local elementary schools; and sponsor many local running events throughout the year. Every year we accept student interns from local colleges and universities,” says Kristy.

Of course, this year has been a bit different, but that community connection has been helpful as they’ve weathered the COVID storm. “We have learned that we all need to support each other,” says Dave. “Many people in our community have faced difficult challenges this year. Whether it is a business, financial or personal or health issues, we understand that we need to be there for one another. It is important that we listen, care, and have meaningful conversations. Compassion and empathy are important in our business, we appreciate it when people reach out to help us, and we try to be there when others are in need.”

And although the pandemic might mean they cannot throw a 10-year anniversary party — at least, not yet — they know they have plenty to celebrate. “Aside from all the successful outcomes, it is very rewarding to develop relationships with physicians and patients who return to us over the years and refer their friends and neighbors to us,” says Kristy. “We love seeing our patients return to their hobbies, recreational activities, and everyday living without pain.”

Siesta Key Sports & Physical Therapy is located at 5147 Ocean Blvd on Siesta Key. For more information visit or call (941) 870-5811.