Palm Bay Club Honors Rental Manager

The Palm Bay Club celebrates Tammy Calhoun's 25th Anniversary. 

Born and raised in Binghamton NY, Tammy had family on the west coast of Florida and decided to move to Florida in 1994. Once she arrived here, she would start a whole new life. After applying for a hospitality position at a local hotel for her first 3 years, from there she found the Palm Bay Club.

Tammy started at the Palm Bay Club in 1998 and began a position at the front desk while also helping with housekeeping, inspections, and more! Wanting to better herself with knowledge in the condominium industry Tammy successfully received her CAM license. After several years into her position, Tammy was offered the Rental Manager position at The Palm Bay Club in 2014. 

Within these 25 years, Tammy has raised two beautiful children, one who recently graduated college and the other just graduated high school and is on their way to college.

Tammy says, "I’m a very blessed and proud mother. In my journey of 25 years, I have met so many wonderful people while employed at the Palm Bay Club. From board members, managers, coworkers, owners and guests as well as vendors. Everyone has be so nice to work with over the years. It’s a pleasure to come to work each and every day. Here’s to 25 more!"